About Me

I am a stagehand who writes. I make my living as a light-board programmer in New York City. This page--and this blog--is more than [ watch this space] years overdue for new, fresh and hopefully somewhat entertaining material. The management has finally acknowledged this inexorable truth, and line items are currently in committee for the upcoming blogiversary...... !

The above was written in 2015. And now it's one year later. Blog re-launch window is once again creaking open, slowwwwwly.

And that last sentence that you just read, again, was written 4 years later! How time marches on. On what? Great question!

[ Aaaand, I’d be REMISS to not acknowledge that it’s been a full year since the immediately preceding sentence was written. Time is fun, when you’re having flies….. ]

Here's my current horse -- not quite the Caddy of the ETC line of lighting consoles. More like a souped-up, late-model Kia Soul. I like it.

Mansfield, Pa., is my hometown.

I live in Jersey now. It's surprisingly OK

Having said that, it would be a good idea if all the drivers here followed the Two-Second Rule.

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