Thursday, November 3, 2011


So --- Like I said about 20 minutes ago, HUGE!

So, without further ado, Here We Go:

I'm about to set the blogosphere on fire with the live-blogging Event Of The Season, and you, dear faithful Blaiserblogarians, are about to get in on the ground floor:

The first fifteen commenters on this post will get VIP all-access preferred seating to my live-blogging Event Of The Season, which happens TOMORROW, at 5:15 p.m. (weather permitting*)

Hang on to your shoe size, 'cause Here It Is, and No One Has Thought Of It Before!!! 

For a brief, brief window of 45 minutes, I will live-blog the experience of sitting in my 2003 Ford Taurus station wagon, in an illegal New York City parking spot, while I wait for the ... WAIT FOR IT!..... 

parking space to become a legal parking space at 6 p.m!

Brilliant, right? I know, I know--- please hold your applause until the end of the blog post. 

That's it --- tomorrow, Friday the whateveritis of November, I, Blaiser, will live-blog the must-read event of the season. Be There. And tell Kim Kardashian to stop calling my cell phone.

Thanks for reading, and please remember that even though a bunch of people can get up in front of a bunch of other people and say things to each other, it doesn't mean you're watching a play......

* Weather-permitting = if I can find free Internet access from the parking spot. Hey -- if there's nothing at stake, no one's going to care, right?


  1. you can park in NYC? I believe it excludes all Ford products before 2001. Be careful.

  2. You are a wild and crazy guy Blais!!! Good luck!! Hoping you don't need bail!!!

  3. I've always wanted to hear what it's like to be inside a car as it's being towed.

  4. OPS*-NYC baby!

    *Occupy Parking Space.

  5. so will you blog while in the act of being ticketed? Remember Newark Airport!!!!