Thursday, November 3, 2011


It gives me great personal pride to announce that I will make an announcement later this evening, at 8:15 p.m. local time., some 20 minutes from Right Now.

This announcement will be at once profound and provocative, astonishing and alliterative, courageous and courageous. Also, it'll be pretty cool.

Bring your friends and your neighbors, and See You Then.

As always, thanks for reading, and please keep in mind that even though you heard it first in The New Yorker's recent cartoon issue, it's in fact statistically possible that Newt Gingrinch is indeed a flock of Shetland Ponies.


  1. Sir...a query:
    Are you familiar with a photo from a MLB post-season game, featuring a chap who very much resembles you, holding a sign in the stands? I found it who-knows-where, but thought it was indeed you. When I am with my computer I shall send it to you, & perhaps it'll look familiar or not.
    Hope you n yours are doing Well!
    Ciao for now...Tom Patrick

  2. Maestro Patrick! Always a pleasure -- I am NOT aware of said photo but am quite intrigued.