Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Take Out a Small Piece of Notebook Paper....

Hello out there in the Blogosphere, from all of us here, which is to say me, at BlaiserBlog. It's been over a fortnight since I've crossed anyone's radar, and so in honor of the rent, and other bills that come due on the First, I offer the following Quiz--inspired partly by hi-larious quizzes you'll find at Bike Snob NYC --in the hopes of upping your quotient, today, of Zany OptimismCTM. Please remember to phrase all your answers in the form of an essay...

1. If one had a very, merry Un-Birthday in Unalaska, would you:

A) Disappear in a puff of logic

B) Reverse the aging process

C) Maintain a very exclusive dis-invitation list

D) Get no presents and be cold.

2. Is it sexier to:

A) Set phasers to stun

B) Go to DefCon 3

C) Build a better mousetrap

D) Have a V-8

3. You have never been involved in a drag race.


4. Hillary Clinton is to diplomacy as:

A) Rachel Maddow is to straight women *

B) Margaret Thatcher is to "The Full Monty"

C) Anna Nicole Smith is to puff pastry

D) Jeanne Kirkpatrick is to Katherine Hepburn.....

5. You remember who Jeanne Kirkpatrick was:

Thanks for playing, and always try to keep in mind that if God didn't intend Pennsylvania school kids to get the first day of deer season off from school, he would have given the deer opposable thumbs so that they could shoot back...

* Lest it be misinterpreted, Let it be heretofore known that Rachel Maddow is probably one of the sexiest people on the planet, attractive to everyone, be they Republican, Democrat, or Bokonist... Or, to quote my great college friend Rachel K., "What straight woman wouldn't sleep with Winona Ryder?"


  1. I won the drag race. Have a happy end of the year.

  2. Great post. I have but one thing to say: CHUCK MILLER!!

  3. 1. E (cut myself)
    2. E (wear your underthings on the outside)
    3. E ("Eh?")
    4. would do Rachel, or Katherine...
    5. does she have opposable thumbs?

  4. Daise, I want to party with YOU!