Wednesday, September 23, 2009

File Under "Damn! Wish *I* Had Thought of That!!" *

Larry Wingnut? No, it's Larry Winget, an apparent motivational speaker and frequent flyer. Now, let me be clear... I usually associate motivational speakers with well snake-oiled charlatans. Unless we're talking about world-class orators, like Cicero, or that guy from ShamWow. But this guy is worth a second look based on his great piece on manners and boundaries. Even better than scoring one of them eee-legal jammers from Yurp!

Another thing that's worth your while, even if you didn't go to high school in the great state of Pennsylvania: Marketplace Reporter Rico Gagliano has just recorded the definitive hipster take on Pittsburgh. I've always loved Pittsburgh. I am, of course, from a one-stoplight town. Go visit. (Mansfield, or Pittsburgh for that matter.) Don't wait for those inter-league curiosities, when Red Sox Japanese pitchers take some swings at PNC Park. I'd be calling USAir now, if I weren't a hairstrigger away from lapping up some motivation.

Appropos of nothing, whatever happened to these guys?

Mojo Nixon
Anson Williams
The rookie from Adam-12
The guy who had the Rico Suave hit in 1990

While you ponder that, I'll be bagging groceries with Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa. Thanks for reading.

* This BlaiserBlog post brought to you, image-free, for your pleasure and convenience. Feedback gratefully accepted.


  1. i happen to be from the midwest, and ADORE pittsburgh... hosted a conference there in 2005 and fell in love. missing mojo nixon, too. elvis is indeed everywhere....

  2. The shamwow guy scares me. Funny stuff. Thanks for stopping by.